My favorite fashion blogs are the ones that feature outfits made up of simple pieces. Pieces that are similar to things in my own closet, just styled in a certain way. Outfits that are easy to recreate. These outfits are usually made up of basics, like a floral dress or a striped sweater or a pair of booties. Most everyone has a variation of these sorts of things, right? They are just put together in a cool way.  

So, I hope this outfit I’m featuring today is one like that—made up of items that are basics that you probably have in your closet.      


If you don’t already have a plaid or flannel shirt like this, they are easy to find. I found mine at Value Village, but I was actually kind of unsure of it at first. I had been looking for a cozy plaid shirt just like it. Honestly though, it was a little pricey for the men’s section of a thrift store. Ugh, I was torn. It was my friend who talked me into it, in the end. “If it’s exactly what you were looking for, get it!” he said. It always surprises me when guy friends contribute to anything fashion. Even if it’s something as simple as that statement.

I’ve also been on a mission to find a new striped top. Bu I’ve had for a while now & wearing it again made me think that maybe it still has a little bit of life in it. Then I easily paired the two patterns with this light denim skirt, but you can really wear the combination with any sort of bottom. Just add on some black tights & simple black booties & you’ve got yourself an easy fall outfit.

Flannel Top: Thrifted
Striped Top: H & M
Skirt: Target
Belt: Target
Tights: Fred Meyer’s
Rings: Thrifted/Vintage

Booties (not pictured): Fred Meyer’s 


HIMYM Cookies Revealed?

I haven’t really been a follower of How I Met Your Mother. Sure, throughout its past 8 seasons, I have tuned in sporadically & watch re-runs sometimes. Every time I do, I laugh. So, I did check it out this last Monday, for the final season’s premiere episode & I am glad I did. Not only did we finally get to meet the mother, she also fed Lily some delicious cookies that you know you wanted, called (excuse my French) “sumbitches”.
You can imagine my excitement when I came across the recipe on Pinterest. Really, I flipped. And the Saturday night storm we had made for perfect cookie-baking conditions.

Mine turned out…okay. Really though, how bad can peanut butter-caramel-chocolate cookies be? I think the problem was the type of chocolate-caramel candies I used. They were Junior Caramels—like Junior Mints but...not. Obviously. The caramel inside the candy was chewy. I recommend using Rolos or something with more liquid-y caramel center so it melts better. Then, they’d be as perfect & delicious as they seemed in How I Met Your Mother.